About Us

Orange Montessori Kidz is a professional Childcare Centre for children from 2 months old up to 6 years old. Our Centre is a nurturing, supporting and respectful environment where children feel loved and encouraged to develop their fullest potential. In our centre cultural diversity of the country is respected and celebrated. It’s a place where children and families feel safe, secure and valued. We adopt holistic approach that enables each child to develop their social, emotional, cognitive, creative, physical and intellectual abilities.

Our Mission is to provide the Best Childhood Education as a foundation towards successful school experience. We believe in empowering children by providing them the privilege in decision making and problem solving opportunities.


Orange Montessori Kidz materials are designed with a control of error which makes them auto-instructional. Each child is free to follow their interests, choose their own work, and progress at their own pace. The child is able to discover and correct their own errors without adult intervention. Montessori materials encourage independence, freedom of choice, and confidence. Children achieve the outcome of the materials through repetition and practice. Children at Orange Montessori Kidz are “Sensorial Explorers” and learning by doing.

Children are encouraged to explore at will, experience their own abilities, and learn to do things for themselves. Children engage in learning activities because they satisfy their innate desire to understand their world.